Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Desserts by Sofie Sofia Sweets

In order to widen our products offered to our clients, we introduce additional menus to our desserts section at the start of the 2nd quarter this year. Modifications were made on some recipes to formally launched the products to our tied-up partners.

Here's the complete list of our desserts. 


Chocolate cupcake with walnuts, filled with ganache from the bottom overflowing on top like a lava, whipped with caramel sauce and top with chocolate shavings

Mocha Manga
 Mocha Manga:

Mocha cupcake with  creamcheese mango filling, topped with creamcheese and mango bits. No flour added on creamcheese and just right amount of sweetness that perfectly fits our Mocha flavored cake and mangoes.

Chococaramel Mousse
Chococaramel Mousse:

Moist Chocolate cake with walnuts, raisins and a little spirit, whipped with caramel sauce. 

Carror Cake
Carrot Cake

As our clients always say "Never knew carrot cake taste this good!". From the name itself, made with carrots.

Best Brownie Experience by Her
Best Brownie Experience by Her

Crunchy on outside, chewy inside. Leaves a lasting taste of chocolate you can't resist to get more of it.

Oatmeal Cookies
Oatmeal Cookies

Soft and chewy oatmeal cookies, just right amount of sweetness for everyone.

Tropical Cupcakes
Tropical Cupcakes

Made from real Tropical fruits, no artificial flavor added. Available in chocobanana, cococream, mango caramel and *honey melon

*available depending on season.

Aside from individual purchase, these products are also added in our offered packages in weddings, anniversary and other events.

We will be introducing another dessert recipe this quarter. Hope you guys support it.

For inquiries, you may email us at sofiesofiasweets@gmail.com or contact us at 09333140581

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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Patrick and Kei's Wedding - A Heartfelt Experience

We are very thankful to Patrick and Kei for entrusting their wedding cake, souvenirs and desserts to us, it opened  another opportunity for us to extend our service into wedding events. 

We brought cupcakes to our choir's victory party at Tito Resty's place late evening. While enjoying ourselves watching our friends eat our cakes, a good friend of ours, Patrick, told us that he will be getting us to cater cakes for his wedding. We were very happy, excited and nervous at the same time.

Mocha Manga: Mocha cake with
 cream cheese filling and frosting.

Food tasting was then scheduled, different new recipes had been created for sampling. He wanted a "Tiramisu" like cupcake, a taste of some coffee and cheese in his cake. We're little timid while giving Patrick the cupcakes knowing him a good cook and has taste for foods. We gave him variations of mocha - cream cheese filled cupcake. Glad that it had a positive outcome.

After tasting, the sample cake was added in our dessert options, Mocha Manga, although we do a little variation since the couple wanted it with marshmallow frosting and topped with fondant Autumn leaf to match their motif.

Chococaramel Mousse: Moist Cake 
with raisins, walnutand a kick of 
rhum, poured with choco mousse and 
whip with caramel sauce.

Aside from souvenir cupcakes, we also created another recipe for desserts, to be served to his guest. We were able to create our first "dessert" cake, Chococaramel Mousse.


We've stayed all night to bake and create Patrick's wedding cake, souvenir cupcakes and dessert cakes.

Patrick and Kei wanted a cupcake tower with their wedding cake on top. They wanted an autumn design for cakes, inlined with their Autumn theme. We created a white fondant cake, designed with branches and leaves on side, since they wanted the top of the cake clear and just pure white. Different mixed gel food color was used on our fondant leaves to make the colors realistic and really autumn. Souvenir cupcakes was topped with fondant "autumn" leaf.

8" x 3" Autumn theme Wedding Cake
Souvenir Cupcake

We arrive at the reception area around 6 pm. Thankful that our friends helped us in setting up the desserts and cupcake tower.

During the dinner, it was a blissful feeling for us when we receive good feedback on our cakes. 

A tiring day for us but worth all the efforts.


Aside from an overwhelming experience as a cake maker, our emotions are high during the wedding.

Seing our good friend Patrick getting married to Kei was really a heartwarming scene for us. You can really see the emotions during the wedding, not just from the bride and groom but also from the guest. We saw our friends in teary eyes especially during the vow, it was really a heartfelt. We just love the guy so much, and we were very happy witnessing him in one of the most memorable, Happiest, special day in his life. 

We were grateful that we were able to experience all of these in their wedding, not just as cake makers, but as their good friend. 

We hope and wish that their wedding day... is the day they love each other the least as a married couple.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Carved Cakes

Carrot Flavored Vanity Bag Fondant Cake for Lai
Carving cake is not an easy thing to do, planning and imagination are greatly needed to execute what you visualise, plus you have to be very careful in doing it, as one wrong cut could ruin your cake.

Our latest carved cake is a simple pink bag with compact powder and lipstick beside. We used carrot cake for this as requested by the client for her birthday, she also provided the design for us.

Of all our carved cakes, we can say that our camera cake was the toughest design we've made, almost following the real camera 
SLR Fondant Cake for Lois, Dimension 3x6x5.5
dimension gave us a hard time in making it stand on its own without breaking. We checked the net for camera cakes and noticed that the body of camera cake is wider than the real SLR, the reason behind that for it to stand, the depth of the body must be wide and the lens will give an additional support. But we wanted to make it real so we copied the dimension of the camera with depth of 3 in., real camera depth is 2.9 in. After covering the body with fondant, we immediately placed the lens, already covered with fondant, as support to make sure that it won't fall.

Burger Themed Fondant Cake for Jaimee
Another carved cake we created was burger cake, it was easier compared to camera cake, except for the color of fondant, we need to mix colors to make it look real. After covering the carved cake, we add some cuts on the  fondant and real sesame seeds to achieve a "real bun" look.

We were able to make a total of 6 carved cakes since we started last December 2011. 

Our first carved cake was made after a month we started our cake business . It was lightning Mcqueen.

Lightning Mcqueen Fondant Cake, our first carved cake

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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Naruto Cakes

Naruto themed cupcakes for
 yamyam' 1st Birthday
First week of January 2012, we received an order from Ms. Lai Naruto themed cupcakes for his nephew's 1st Birthday, yamyam, our first event of the year.

Naruto Head Inspired Fondant Cake
 for Ms. CA
We decided to create different naruto symbols. We are still having hard time with our fondant texture during the time we are making this, but nevertheless people liked our cupcakes. 

Then came valentines day, Ms. Ca requested a Naruto themed cake as a gift to her husband. She saw our naruto cupcakes and asked us if we can make 5" round cake of it. We accepted the order, and since we want to create another design for naruto theme, we asked her if we can make a different design for her cake, she agreed. We made a Naruto head inspired fondant cake and she was really happy with the result, her husband loves it.

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Friday, 25 May 2012

Moon and Stars Cupcake - Our First wedding Souvenir

Moon and Star themed Cupcake
It was December 31, 2011 when we received our first wedding souvenir order.

My friend's officemate Ms. CA will be getting married in two weeks and she ordered souvenir cupcakes and cookies from us. We made a sampler and we were really glad she likes it, however she said the theme is moon and stars.
Left: Souvenir Cupcake and cookies
Right: Souvenir Cupcake Sampler

We started baking cupcakes and cookies morning of January 13, 2012. Since we have no moon and star fondant cutter, we manually cut the fondant and covered it with edible gold dust. We were already done with baking, frosting and designs at around 6 pm. However, the packaging took a lot of time. We carefully placed the cupcakes inside acetate box, place a ribbon and tags then one by one, placed inside the delivery box. The souvenir cookies was really a blow, 150 pcs box of cookies and we have to place ribbons and tags on it one by one. We finished packing at around 3 am in the morning of Jan. 14, and the wedding will be held at 8 am. We immediately headed to Microtel near SM Mall of Asia and delivered the souvenirs. 

We were dead tired after our delivery, but we were very happy with the result.

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Christmas cakes for our family

On December 24, 2011, we baked christmas cakes for our family despite our struggles in making a fondant with good texture.

My Christmas cake 2011
I designed my cake with fondant ribbon, does it look like it? - I hope so. I was able to finish this at 5pm, I left my friend baking since I need to drop-off our deliveries - brownies and cupcakes,  before 8 pm.  Had a longer route than my usual and my worries is if I can get to our house before mignight. I came home at around 10:30 pm. When I brought this to my family, they were very happy and appreciative. Their reaction was worth all the efforts and struggle making one and coming home on time.

Ate Neng's Cake
While I was doing the deliveries, my friend made a cake for Ate Neng as our gift to her. We want her to bring something to her family for "Noche buena", since she was really busy the whole day helping us in our chores.

It was 9 pm when my friend finished her cake for her family. Lucky for her she was still able to find ride to her house since it was christmas eve and you can rarely see PUV's. She designed her cake with ponsettia theme.

Christmas cake, designed with ponsettia
made from marshmallow fondant
Happy with my family's reaction, I asked my friend how was it for her the next day, she just said "they said it's ok, then my sister said the cut was not perfect". I know she was expecting to hear more, but didn't. I guess they really have high standards.. but nevertheless, for us, our Christmas cakes are the best, not because it was perferct - obviously it's not, but because we put our hearts on it.

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